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This is how we art

The studio should be a place of no shame, where you’re open to surprise and humiliation; where you’re never afraid of silence; where you sit sometimes for hours just looking at what you’ve made, no knowing but musing, letting your mind drift. And tomorrow you come back and work some more.

Jerry Saltz – How to Be an Artist

This project is aimed to make my space useable and a place where I can have that time and space to have the good ideas and make the good work I say I want to make. Remember:

“My ideal writing space has a chair, a desk, a table, a big cuddly chair, my computer, my reMarkable2 tablet, enough floor space for my yoga mat, and some storage that’s cute and functional.”

Right now, it’s piles of stuff on the floor, includes a shelving unit I don’t want in my space, and a window air conditioning unit that needs to be stored. I do own a desk, but it’s position in the room has absolutely shit internet connectivity, a desk chair that is full of stuff that could be on the floor, a camping chair FULL of cat hair because my cat has been sleeping in it for years (but not so much recently when I put a cat bed in it), I have my computer set up on and beside the bed because the internet connection is marginally better from there, and no real amount of floor space.

Using my local Buy Nothing group, I found some cute wicker baskets, and I rescued a large wicker trunk from a friend’s curb. They all need to be sanded and repainted. It’s still freezing here in Ottawa, so there won’t be any painting until the windows can be opened and I can paint outside. The trunk also needs a good vacuum. Meh.

I’m currently using the space in its limited capacity and lack of joy right now. Something needs to change around here. I want to get back to the things I’m good at. My workspace seems like the best place to be. Even if it has crappy internet.

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