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In the book, How to Be an Artist, this chapter is all about drawing in different perspectives by using the styles of previous generations.

I don’t draw.

I don’t want to draw.

So I used this week to get some perspective on my creative process and my artistic output.

I’m a spoony. I have a new job that has me active and awake for 11 hours a day.

I’m not used to getting myself together for human consumption at 6 AM. I am not used to being fucking charming at 8 AM and to maintaining that for the next 9 hours.

This first week was exhausting and sadly lacking in creative output. I’m hoping I get acclimated to the early and long hours and that I get so organized that I can wake up at 7 AM and just get my shit together to walk out the door half an hour later. If I do that, I’ll have more spoons when I get home to do the stuff my job is there to support.

Because that’s what my job is for; to fund the life I want to have.

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