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Or as soon as possible thereafter. If you can get into it within the first two hours of the day, that should be early enough to get around the pesky demons of daily life.

Jerry Saltz, How to be an artist

I am the exact opposite of a morning person. I really, really, do not enjoy waking up at all. I really don’t like immediately jumping into action or activity first thing upon rising. I would rather sleep during the day and do my thing during the night, if I have to be awake at all. I would rather sleep more than I would rather do just about anything.

…[G]ive yourself ninety minutes – no more – to rest, contemplate, procrastinate, before starting your creative work.

Jerry Saltz, How to be an artist

Despite getting out of bed on a daily basis, getting started on what I want to do within the first hour and a half of the day has proved useful over the past two weeks I’ve been focusing on getting up and getting to work. I remain not a morning person, but getting to work at 10 or 10:30 doesn’t feel like “as soon as I wake up” either. This is a decent compromise between being an early riser and being someone who gets things done.

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