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This section is subtitled An Instruction Manual for the Studio.

I don’t have need of a studio, but I certainly need a workspace.

Over the next 14 weeks I will be covering the following steps:

  1. Start working when you get up
  2. Make your mark
  3. Get some perspective
  4. Imitate… then separate
  5. Use your studio
  6. Picasso and Matisse at the border
  7. Embed thought in the material
  8. Art is a flatworm
  9. Listen to the wildest voices in your head
  10. Find your own voice. Then exaggerate it
  11. Clear the studio
  12. There are no wasted days
  13. Know what you hate
  14. Finish the damn thing!

I will be doing a post every Monday about that week’s step and then posting the following Sunday about how the step worked for me. I’ll figure out how to be an artist, I’m sure.

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