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Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.

Twyla Tharp

I have been underwhelmed by my work habits.

I’ve been working, yes, but it’s hit or miss with no real rhyme or reason. I peck away at things I think are interesting. I post stuff, then I don’t. I have a bunch of stuff in queue that I haven’t published yet because I don’t think they’re ready or something just not right. I don’t have my habits together.

My brain is all over the place today. I know what I have to do in order to get what I want. I just don’t have the habits built to sustain that output. This may be the extent of my creative output today, but I hope it isn’t.

Make no mistake about it. Bad habits are called ‘bad’ for a reason. They kill our productivity and creativity. They slow us down. They hold us back from achieving our goals. And they’re detrimental to our health.

John Rampton

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