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I think? Maybe?

I don’t have a PC laptop anymore, and as a result I’ve had to give up using Scrivener for writing and PC Stitch for making cross-stitch patterns.

I have changed up to Google Docs with ProWritingAid and templates for writing and it works because of my amazing file structure and the ability to link my documents, tasks, and plans in Notion. It works for me. I’m happier with this method than I was with Scrivener.

But PC Stitch, that’s proving more difficult to replace with an Android or web version.

The obvious choices are online StitchFiddle and Android xStitching. Neither of them are perfect but they’ll both work from what I can tell from reviews. I’ve made quick, uncomplicated stuff from images in StitchFiddle before but I don’t think that it will work for copying and pasting elements from other patterns, which I used to do a LOT in PC Stitch. I’m not sure what pattern format they export to other than PDF which is not ideal for remixing patterns.

So, maybe I just get a PC laptop and upgrade to version 11. Or maybe I give the online or Android apps a go for a while and see how much I miss PC Stitch.

If anyone out there can make a recommendation, I’d really love to hear from you.

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