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I’m a threat to no one.

That’s not a read, that’s just a fact.

Dorian Corey

And those three things aren’t even a big part of the big picture of my identity. I’m a human. I’m a woman. I’m smarter than my education level would indicate. I’m fun at parties. My hair is glorious. I make good choices, often after making the really lazy decision to do absolutely nothing.

I’m awesome. I’m GGG. I talk a lot. I’m terrified of being irrelevant. I love humanity but I can’t stand certain individuals. I write. I read. I love Marvel movies. I make things. I own a lot of eyeshadow and false lashes. I make shit. I try to learn something new every day.

I love music, bourbon, appetizers as a meal, and Fluevog shoes.

I hate cardio, sins of omission, people who decide for me what I am capable of, and Batman.

Unfortunately, too many people just see my education, age, and physical limitations before they even bother to find out the bigger and better parts of my identity.

I wish sometimes I had a glowing neon sign above my head that said “Way more fun than I look”. What would your sign say?

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