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As I consider this one artistic life I have to live, I realize often that I limit what I want to do to what I think is possible or probable.

My imagination is limited by all the things I know limit my free will – money, personal safety, physical deficits, mental health issues, etc.

If money were no object and I could not possibly fail, what would I do?

What the hell would I do?

Probably exactly what I plan to do now except not including a job hunt or having to budget for things. I have no fear of failure but irrelevance scares the shit out of me.

To paraphrase William Blake – Imagination is being alive. I feel like I’ve been living in the spaces between the people and activities in my life and not taking up my own living space.

Time to start thinking about what all these projects need to move forward.

The imagination is endless and always there.

Jerry Saltz, How to be an Artist

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