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I want to drink tea.

Multiple sclerosis stole my ability to enjoy coffee in my own home. (Weird nerve glitch makes ground coffee and brewing coffee smell like barf. I can drink it if I don’t smell it being made. I know this is weird. Brains are weird, okay?)

At this writing, I have 14 boxes of tea in my house and single-cup samples of 5 other types of tea. My preference is for black teas: Twinings Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Yorkshire Gold and Red Rose orange pekoe. I have a couple of green tea choices in the house but black tea is where it’s at for me.

(Is there such thing as Scottish and/or Welsh Breakfast Tea? I would try them if they exist.)

I also have loose leaf teas in cream of Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, and a black tea blend called Piccadilly and the House blend from Scone Witch. I also have single-cup servings of darjeeling and Assam chai.

I’ve been really digging on rooibos as a decaf option, but more often than not my calming tea is a plain old bag of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime or grocery store equivalent. I have a box of mint and chamomile around too.

Tea is kind of magical. I really love tea.

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