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I have vague ideas and lists of things that could be something.

A sampling:

  • I’d like to write a book, but I’d also like to meet an artist that could turn it into a graphic memoir or non-fiction book, but I don’t know what it’s about.
  • I wonder about doing an experiment using brain plasticity that would allow me to regain my mobility and I’d like to find a physical therapist and neuroscientist to work on this with me.
  • I’d like to make a podcast where my friends and I talk about things we care about and then find different people we’d like to be friends with to come in and talk with us about those things.
  • I’d like to start a YouTube channel where I post the video recordings of our talks but also maybe cheaply animated/SlideShare videos about other topics or in other styles of sharing public information.
  • I think about why I’m not afraid of public speaking and would like to do more of it, but I don’t know how or why or what about.
  • I would like to do more in-depth research and write about things I’d like to know about but don’t currently know about.
  • I really want to perform spoken word, but I’m really not good at writing it. I won’t even dare perform it until I don’t completely hate what I wrote.
  • I want to watch more standup comedy, but the local comedy clubs aren’t accessible so I guess YouTube, Netflix and Crave are where I’m going to find it.
  • I want to write stuff in a similar style to Ta-Nahesi Coates’ “The Case for Reparations” but I don’t have a subject yet.
  • I want to do really complex crochet but I don’t practice doing simple crochet enough.
  • I want to learn embroidery but I haven’t even considered getting on YouTube to learn simple stitches.

“The Internet can be more than just a resting place to publish your finished ideas – it can also be an incubator for ideas that aren’t fully formed, a birthing center for developing work that you haven’t started yet. “

Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist

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