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“…I don’t remember what inspired this trip. I don’t remember why the three of us just said “Fuck it all” that day. I know that I needed to run. I think this was the second or third time in that year that I had tried to leave it all behind and find myself in a new place…

…The bus station had been beautiful once. Now it was crumbling, filled with those of us too broke, old or broken to drive where we needed to get to.

While one of us stood guard over our worldly possessions, another of us went pee. And one of us went down to the “convenience store” in the main concourse and bought a road map, three Cokes, a bag of chips, a chocolate bar and some candy. When our group reformed we sat on the floor in front of our locker, split up our treats and spread our map out on the floor. We had the whole world out there to explore. Where did we want to go?”

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