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“…I went home. It was very nice and I thought that it was over because I was just being nice because you were just taking advantage of my weakened emotional state. But you called back the next day. Then a few days after that. And then a week after that. Then 10ish days later. Then never again.

School started that fall. I was a back parking lot smoking area weirdo and you were a front foyer jock. But for 6 weeks that summer you were good to me and I tried to be good to you. You never said a mean thing about me. You never let anyone say disparaging shit about me around you. The following March, you asked me to be your date to the opening night screening of The Doors movie. I think I said no because I was going with someone else or maybe I did go with you. I don’t remember. I remember I didn’t love you and you didn’t love me. I don’t remember your kisses. But I do remember the night that you told me all your friends are shitheads who treat women badly and then proceeded to capitalize on that fact…”

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