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“I’ll confess to not giving a shit about you. I’ll confess to wanting you to love me forever. I’ll confess to doing that thing you liked so you wouldn’t kill me. I’ll confess that you scared me and I didn’t dare say no. I’ll confess that I never cared. I’ll confess to doing it out of spite or jealousy. I’ll confess that all I wanted was a second shot at you after you rejected me. Or shamed me. Or treated me like a whore. Or pretended you didn’t know me…

I’ll confess that during daylight hours I one-hundred-percent do not feel like you damaged me in any way. I’ll confess that when insomnia gets a hold of my brain and the anxiety tightens like a vice around my chest and the trauma comes screaming into my ears, I blame you. Not for the trauma you caused, you didn’t, but for being part of the reason why others thought it was okay to traumatize me.”

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