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“The mountains only exist as they do here. There are no others like them. I can’t weep for them or the ocean because they exist only as they do here. And here, as a place that can be in my life – is the past. It ended three years ago in anguish and disgust and I know, my rational brain knows, that no matter how I justify it my relationship with this place will only end in heartbreak. All the conditions are present for an unhappy ending. Nothing good can come from revisiting this relationship.

But like a gorgeous ex who has aged well and seems to have kicked his Endo and X-Box habit after age 30, he calls you after so many years and says “You used to want this. You used to be happy here. You used to love me. Baby, let’s give this another shot.” And you think about it because how bad could it really be? You’re both different now. You’ve seen things. You’ve been other places. You’re not happy with what you’ve got at home. And you probably shouldn’t end the first relationship before you start a new one.

Then you remember that you’ve met new people who may not be as cool and aloof as him but they have many of the same amenities and are improving in areas that the sexy ex hasn’t even considered or even openly rejected. Maybe you should give new a go before you decide that known and familiar is a better option than been there, done that. Even if it was good more than it was bad.”

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