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“I have two favourite songs. One reminds me of the first guy I ever loved in that crazy passionate “I would die for you the moment you needed me to do that”way and the other is Everlong by Foo Fighters. Everlong is one of the few songs that I like just because I like it. It reminds me of no one other than me. It has no sadness attached to it. It has no personal memories attached to it other than I remember to smile every time I hear it and it just makes me feel hopeful. I remember that someday everything will change. I remember that nothing “will ever feel this real forever.”

That song is, allegedly, about the affair between Dave Grohl and Louise Post (of Veruca Salt fame). That affair, allegedly, ended when Dave cheated on Louise with Winona Ryder. But for that time in 1997, they loved and didn’t cheat and one of the best songs ever was written. He wrote that when he was in those heady first days of a new relationship after having his heart broken and bank account looted by the last relationship. For four minutes and 11 seconds, everything is awesome and I don’t remember that Dave fucked Winona and Louise was found crying and yelling out intimate details of her life, drunk and topless, on stage in Australia some time later. I only think about that after the song is over.

But I do think about that every time the song ends. I think about how life changes, I think about how I wouldn’t say no to Winona Ryder either. I think about how I’ve been drunk and topless, crying and yelling out intimate details about my life over lesser men than Dave Grohl. And I remember that don’t play the guitar and I’ve never been Australia, but I’ve been there, hammered in public and spewing TMI. Then I remember that some months before, they loved and sang together and one of the best songs ever written came out of that awesomeness. How it ends matters less to me than what came out of it.”

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