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“No one knows how long I will have my vision. No one knows how long I’ll be able to walk. No one knows when the fatigue will completely dominate my life. No one knows what kind of brain damage I will sustain or when it will cost me my personality, my memories or my ability to communicate. No one has any clue.

The best “they” can offer me is statistics. Most people who don’t smoke don’t end up in a wheelchair in 15 years. Most people who eat a moderate protein and high plant-based diet don’t end up in a wheelchair in 15 years after diagnosis. Most people who exercise moderately, focusing on balance and strength training exercises self-report that they have higher energy levels and less fatigue than those who don’t. Most people who take a disease-modifying drug aren’t as disabled as those who don’t.

News flash… if I don’t smoke and I eat healthy, get regular exercise and take my medicine I will be in better shape than those people with MS who smoke, eat like shit, sit down a lot and don’t treat the disease that they have. The best “they” can tell me is to do all the things that a generally healthy person does…”

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