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“I want to write and help build something that is important. Whether it’s exposing those realities of society in order to change them, or actively working to change those things in society that are killing us. The things that are killing us quickly, the things that are killing us slowly, and the things that are killing our ability to see and respect the humanity of others. I want to start uncomfortable conversations with the comfortable and find safety, calm and peace for those who are not.

I want work I can be proud of. I want work that will change someone’s life. I want to save all those who want to be saved. I want to make sure the people I love want for nothing. I want to improve the lives of people who need help. I want to be ethical in my work. I want to be ethical in all my dealings, professional, personal, in passing or in relationships. A manifesto has not been written, but the seeds have been planted.”

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