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“My new husband had picked a cabin on the lake near where he grew up for my (our) first vacation. His parents paid for the week-long rental as our wedding gift. What he didn’t tell me was the cabin included the rental of a small aluminum fishing boat. I found out when we were unpacking the car we had borrowed from his mother. There was a rod, reel, and tackle box in with our suitcases and supplies. I don’t fish. I didn’t like going outside. I was only interested in this little lakeside getaway if we were going to spend the week getting drunk and having sex.

These were my primary interests because that’s what my first husband and I were good at together. With a few exceptional songs, we hated each other’s music. We hated each other’s favourite TV shows, movies, hobbies, and friends. But we drank and fucked well and for a long time, (well, months) that’s all that mattered. He tossed me a ring box one early morning when he came home from working at the bar. It was the ring we picked out at this cut-rate local jeweler who also bought unwanted and broken gold and cheap diamond rings. He said that day in the store that we should get married and he was going to buy me an engagement ring for Christmas. I told him that I wasn’t getting him anything if he insisted on believing that his interest in marrying me was a gift.”

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