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“… He briefly stopped to consider yelling at me but reconsidered given our location. One noise out of me and he’s on his way to the maximum security prison next door. One yell from me and his 28-month sentence becomes 36 months.

He lowered his voice and his gaze. He looked me straight in the eye and repeated his demand with a slow and deliberate enunciation of the words.

“Give me a blowjob, baby,” he intoned. “You know you miss doing that for me.”


I turned on my heel and headed back to the visitor’s area.

I checked the clock and my watch. My ride back home would be there soon. He took me over to the guard’s area and asked them to tell me what I needed to do to prepare for a conjugal visit. My watch was three minutes faster than the wall clock in this walk-in closet of an office. I watched my wrist like a hawk. I barely listened to the guard as I held my breath for five, ten, 15 seconds at a time, willing the time to pass.

I folded up a piece of paper and put it in my back pocket. I told the guard that my ride would be there any minute, could I please have my purse and jacket back?”

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