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“He would tell me how much he loved me, tell me how he was going to get conjugal visits when he finally got sentenced, tell me how everything was going to work out great after he got out because he’d go back to school to finish the computer network training he’d started. He told me that when we finally got to be together again, on one of those conjugal visits, we’d try to make a baby so we’d be together forever.

I didn’t tell him that I went on Depo-Provera, the long-acting birth control shot, shortly after his first drug binge with me, when he got arrested the second time. I was not bringing a child into this world with him, but he would not have accepted that. That would have been treason.

He said he wanted to get married as soon as he got out. Our baby would be less than a year old if everything worked out right. I nodded and smiled from my end of the receiver and acted like I wasn’t already three-quarters packed to leave that apartment and then that town.”

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