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“They” say “write what you know.” I am utterly unconvinced that anyone is interested in what I know. What makes me so sure is there are just a handful of things I know well enough not to have to research and those are;

  1. My own misery.
  2. My past relationships.
  3. Dave Grohl as he has presented himself through interviews, videos and concerts over the past 25 years.
  4. How to make a decent cup of tea, but not how to do it front of people who think the whole process is needlessly complicated without sounding like a complete prat.
  5. The love and appreciation of hockey thighs, particularly those belonging to PK Subban.”

One Reply to “The Best Thing I Wrote Today – Jan 29”

  1. I’d read about 1 or 2, because your writing is brilliant and you have a good amount of introspective insight and a metric TONNE of life experience and wisdom to impart. People are interested.

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