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“I know exactly how to fix my life. I know one hundred and five percent exactly how to fix almost everything in my life. I know the answers. I know where to find the ones I don’t have. I have experience with many forms of therapy and more forms of woo-woo bullshit. I know what works in most cases. I know what is new-age (rhymes with sewage) garbage designed to separate you from your money in a moment of weakness or crisis. I know how I can turn it all around inside a year. Probably less.

I don’t do what works because it’s hard work. It’s exhausting work. It’s got the high potential for failure. It requires discipline and perhaps more energy than I can summon on a daily basis. It requires that I have the confidence, presence of mind and energy to pick myself up off the floor on a regular basis. It means getting up and doing even when it’s not imperative that I do so.

It means respecting the difference between Urgent and Important.”

One Reply to “The Best Thing I Wrote Today – Jan 26”

  1. It doesn’t sound like it would make you very happy.

    Then again, I guess one year of unhappy in return for long term happiness is not so bad. But this high risk of failing doesn’t sound enticing.

    What are the risks associated with not taking the above course of action?

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