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“… I’m looking for the THING that will change my life. The piece of advice or checklist of things I can complete and then things will be fixed.

I’ll have the job I want. I’ll have the energy I need. I’ll be stylish without being a slave to the trends, with a seasonal capsule wardrobe of well-made and ethically produced classic pieces. I’ll have a contented relationship with my spousal unit and I’ll have the right amount of caffeine, carbs and vegetables in my diet. I’ll have the right amount of stuff. I’ll be able to spend ample time with those I love and enjoy the right amounts of exercise, pajama time, and wine and cocktails.

I’m sure that the recipe to having all of these things is on the internet. I’ll look up a correct spelling and then just have a quick peek at my news feed(s) and one day it will be there. That’s my hope.”

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