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This is from a list of things I wish I had been told when I was younger.

“Just because you like someone, love someone, and want to be with someone doesn’t mean anything should be done about it. Love can be no big deal. Love should be no big deal a lot of the time.

You’ll turn 30 and you won’t remember 90% of what you were worried about when you were 14 or 20 or 25.

Don’t do bottle tokes when you’ve been drinking. Don’t mix your booze. Tequila shots at 1 a.m. are never a good idea. Stay away from Jaeger and Fireball.

As a general rule, avoid anything that starts out as a white powder. If you’re trying something you’ve never done before, do half what your friends are doing.

You can’t run away from yourself. Make sure to find a safe place to figure out who you are when you do run away.

Coffee and caffeine are double-edged swords. Two and a half pots, 15 cups, a day will do crazy things to your heart and fuck up your skin. Drink some fucking water once in a while.”

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